Cycle roads in Poland - improvements


Cycle roads in Poland

along Dunajec and Nida...

...are beeing improved year by year. On these photos we present some latest impressions.


June 2015: 20 km long cycle road on the former railway track
between Sucha Hora (Slovakia) and Ludźmierz

- new perfect Option of cycling from Zakopane to Nowy Targ 



New cycle roads around Nowy Targ


Until now we were urged to use this part of road with busy traffic. Arrow shows the track od abandoned railway
same place in October 2013,
and in Summer 2014 -
- tour goes on!

cycle road follows the railway track into the town
New bridge across Dunajec -
with separated cycle lane
sheep may cause some cycle traffic obstacles ;)


Bridge across the Polish-Slovak border in Sromowce


Pylon bridge in Sromowce -
- excellent investition -
- enables easy access to riverside path in Dunajec gorge


Bridge in Kroscienko


old Bridge was narrow and uncomfortable
the new one has a separate cycle lane
approaching the town centre


Cycle lane and cycle bridges in Niedzica


Construction works in 2012
In the summer 2013...
...separate lanes...
...and bridges...
...leads... the beach!


New border-crossing cycle trail to historic village Osturna in Slovakia


Downhill ride from Lapszanka - Pass
Village lies in the valley

passing hundreds of wooden cottages
we follow the stream valley
across the border
to Kacwin and Niedzica in Poland
comparison: before and after
summer 2012 - autumn 2013


Road in Leszczyny village - newly covered by tarmac - here we start the tour since 2012



Cycle trails in Nida valley 

Photos taken in summer 2013 along our trail "Steppes and marshes" 

 All roads shown were formerly dirty tracks, now covered by tarmac