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Dear Friends!

Polish is the only language in which the word for bicycle is rower. Yes, the first bicycles imported to Poland in the nineteenth century were made in Britain by Rover!

This is your chance to enjoy some of the most picturesque and spectacular parts of Poland, nearby Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus by bike. These are areas that are only now beginning to be discovered by tourists. And for those preferring to hike there are well-marked trails and charming mountain huts ready for visitors.

Allow me to introduce you to the best of our cycling and hiking tours. I have been organizing active tours for the last twenty years and look forward with my team of enthusiastic staff to making your holiday a memorable one.

Maciej Zimowski


Invitation to Kraków and Poland


The three highlights...>



Travel to Kraków is easy!

Kraków is a popular tourist destination and the local Krakow Airport has direct connections to many airports in the world. You can also fly to nearby Airport Katowice If you book "Cycling and Silesia" you can fly to Wroclaw Airport.


The best of our cycle tours in 2019

Krakow & Dunajec cycle path  a classic weekly tour from Zakopane to Stary Sacz.This is our most popular tour.


Pilica cycle route easy weekly tour from Krakow to Warsaw along the 300 km long river in the green heart of Poland


Moravia cycle experience fascinating and easy tour between Krakow and Vienna. Amazing cultural sights and good wine! 


Masurian Lakeland  Weekly tour in Poland's popular destination for tourists on two wheels. 


Green Velo in the wilderness Famous national parks in Poland's notheast.


The great Warta Journey - a special gourmet cycling tour with Maciej as your guide


Steppes and marshes - A short 5-day cycling holiday or an extension of another tour.


Eastern Galicja & Roztocze  - A 12 day tour through the wilderness of the south-eastern edge of Poland.


Cycling in Silesia  An 8 days tour along the Polish-Czech border on the foothills of the Sudety mountain range.


Tatras to Tokaj - An 8 day tour across the Carpathians from the snow-covered Tatra Mountains to the vineyards of Hungary


Join our pioneering cycle tour in western Ukraine. No other touroperator offers this destination!  



Belarus Cycling among pristine nature in an unknown country.



hiking tours

Beskid mountains in 7 days


A weekend in the Tatra








Birding & Nature

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