one day tours

One day cycle tours around Krakow

If you are going to prolongate your stay in Krakow, you can also explore by cycle the area around the town , and visit a number of cultural sights and natural landscapes. We propose two options of one day tours, each ca. 50 km long.  You can easy reach the starting point of each tour by train.

Below the maps with marked route and a few photos. Prices, organizational details etc. will be provided upon request.

Tour 1

Krzeszowice - Jurassic valleys - Ojcowski National Park - Krakow

Palace Park in Krzeszowice
Limestone rocks in Polish Jura Chain
Castle in Pieskowa Skala
Pradnik river valley, protected as Ojcowski National Park
The "chapel on the water" in Ojcow
Cycle path between Ojcow and Krakow

Tour 2

Lanckorona - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - Tyniec - Krakow

Railway Station Stronie - start of the tour
Lanckorona: wooden houses at market square...
...and along the street
"Angelus bridge" leads to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska -
- the pilgrimage town, called also "Polish Jerusalem"
Paszkowka village. In the distance - the palace hotel and good restaurant.
Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec above Vistula river.
Cycle path from Tyniec to Krakow leads on the 10km long dike along Vistula.