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Steppes & marshes 


Picture gallery 



Our short cycle tour
follows the clear...
river Nida
Good tarmac road with hardly any traffic
Charming villages
Castle ruins with stork nest
Gypsum hills overgrown with unusual steppe vegetation,
and... broad gauge railway leading here from Russia.
Roadsigns for cyclists
Short before Busko
New cycle road in the centre
leads to spa gardens
Three-star hotel Gromada
and new four-star Hotel
"Sloneczny Zdroj" ("Sunny Spa")
with swimming pool
Willow avenue
Small roadside chappel
Cycle road in Chroberz village,
and another sunny beach at Nida river
Gypsum rocks in Skorocice reservation
And again many quiet, narrow tarmas roads
We cycle through Chotel Czerwony
...once mighty, now small and quiet town Wislica
Further we pass fishpond area
- famous birdwatching spot
To Solec Zdroj - here the Solanna*** pension
and Hotel Malinowy Zdroj**** (Raspberry Spa)
Wild flowers alond the roads
Cumin fields (herb used for cucumber pickling)
More and more pollarded willows
Roads decorated for a church fiesta
Wild gardens
Field road in Vistula valley
And a real attraction - old ferry across Vistula
Foreing cyclists are still 'rare birds' here.
Are we already in Zalipie?
- yes, the famous, colourful village.
Local culture centre and souvenir shop
Perhaps the most charming...
od dozens painted houses.
Village pub
Foreing and Polish cyclists meeting
Loessic ravine,
another roadside chapel,
even a deeper ravine,
and again Nida river - see you soon!


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