Hiking in Polish mountains

Hiking is a popular activity in Poland,
what was missing until now...
...was someone with an organized and affordable tourist programme
And that is where we come in! Here: Pension in Rabka
The highlight of this first hike...
...is the Lubon Wielki, rising like a wild mountain island from inhabited valleys.
The summit has some of Poland's most charming mountain huts
From there you descend to Rabka -
- a small town with many parks, and... vintage train.
Next day we start hiking...
...across the Gorce range
to Nowy Targ.
Daily distace is long...
...but on the way we three huts where you can rest
here - one of them on Maciejowa
'Roadsigns' for hikers.
Chilling break in a stream
Short before Nowy Targ,
our accommodation there.
Nex day bus brings you to Kluszkowce
here we start a short ascent
along an old querry
To the Wdzar-Hill
From there you see Pieniny Mts and Czorsztyn Reserwoir
We cross the lake in a boat...
...to the castle in Niedzica, on the opposite bank of the reservoir.
Pension in Niedzica
Horses still works in Sromowce area
The limestone peak "Trzy Korony" (Three Crowns) invites for a next hike
View from platform at the top
and from the raft on Dunajec river.
The centre of Szczawnica
Last hike can be started in the valley of 'White water'
You can look back at the three summits formerly climbed
or at the Sphinx-Rock
It is a region known for its numerous flocks of sheep...
...still herded according to past custom...
ang guarded by local breed of white Polish Tatra Sheep Dog
Rytro: View from castle hill to Poprad valley. Here we finish the hiking.


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The High Tatras are often referred to as the "smallest high mountain range in the world".

But as this granite island surrounded by flat valleys to the North and South proves, small need not mean unimpressive.
Zakopane - Poland's most famous mountain resort.
Hardly another anonymous alpine spa, Zakopane is a unique mixture of local folk art and Nouveau style Viennese art.
We stay in Hotel "Bialy Potok", a comfortable and conveniently located hotel complex.
A look through the window.
You will only be 20 minutes (on foot) from Zakopane's main promenade, the Krupowki.
Passing behind the hotel grounds, is a hiking trail to the Dolina Bialego
We start the High Tatra hike in Roztoka valley...
...which is in the form of a deep and narrow gorge
Its upper extension ends in the completely differently formed Valley of the five Polish Lakes.
The 70 m high Wielka Siklawa is the largest waterfall of the High Tatras.
Finally, we hike through the Swistowka valley basin
to the legendary lake, Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), the largest and most famous of the High Tatra lakes
A truly bewitching corner of the earth
Blooming gentian invites you!

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