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Galicia and Roztocze

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"The Valley of the Eagles" near Arlamow.
Steppe vegetation near Przemysl
Bridge over the Wiar river
Short visit in the Ukraine
Market square in Przemysl
Our Hotel in "mediterranean" style ;)
Promenade along the San river
...first the uphill...
...then we rest for a while ns an der "Letownia - fortress", part of the WW1 firtifications...
...and finally we come to Jaroslaw. Here you see the renaissance-town hall...
...and the fortified monastery.
Next overnight-stop: noblemans palace in Sieniawa
And we are now in Roztocze region, the cyclists paradise
Pension in Horyniec
On the way to Zwierzyniec
Terrain road - see characteristic narrow striped fields
Old, fortified orthodox church in Radruz
Synagogue in Szczebrzeszyn
Blooming meadows
Cycles, ducks and horses ;)
Rapids on Tanew river
Cycle route to Tomaszow
Small open-air museum in Guciow
Loessic ravine
Children cycling back from school
Evening in Zwierzyniec - illuminated baroque church
Orchids in Roztocze National Park
Great White Egrets on one of numerous fishponds
Spotted Souslik - another attraction for nature lovers
River Wieprz
Country roads...
...around Zwierzyniec
Renaissance-Facades around the Market square in Zamosc, where we finish our tour.
This town is undoubtly the greatest attraction of our tour
Last night we spend in a luxury hotel, in the centre of old town.


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