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Tatras to Tokaj

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Tour starts in Krakow
Then we go to Taranska Lomnica in Slovakia
From here we start ca 15 km
very easy downhill cycling
first to Mlynceky village

with a small waterfall

then to Kezmarok. See the colourful houses of the Old Town,
our Hotel also lies here.
Old soviet tank... yes, they are not rare in Slovakia
The Castle
A look on the High Tatras
Next day -
- first an easy uphill
We stop in small Hradisko village.
View from Brezova-Hill
Short resting stop
Then long downhill to Levoca. The towers are well visible from far away.
Perfectly preserved medieval city walls.
Marked square - the gothic Town hall, St Jacob Church with famous Altar
Renessaince buildings
The famous Thurzo-house
View from Sibenik hill: Levoca seen from the north
Secession-style palace in Spissky Hrchov
Shortcut along the field path
Buglovce village
Spisska Kapitula - Holy See officials and the servants lived here.
The famous Spis castle ruins, once one of the largest castles in Central Europe
The medieval Church in Zehra and the tomb of the local gypsy king.
Hotel in Krompachy.
The route Krompachy - Kosice follows Hornad river. Here a nice wooden bridge.
Then we pass 800m long tunnel.
Here in "Chata Marica" we stop for a lunch
Then we cycle through the wilderness along the Ruzin reservoir
Little stream

Easy cycling along Hornad river
Short before Kosice - mineral water spring.
Avoiding traffic, we come into the historic centre
...with colourful facades
narrow, streets.
and good cycle roads
artificial stream alonf the main street
St Elisabeth Cathedral
and iluminated fountain at night
Reception of Hotel Gloria Palac
Leaving Kosice
Slanske Hills
Lunch in village pub
Prices in Euro... but still pretty low:)
Shortcut through the meadoww
Crossing the Slovak-Hungarian border
First mile in Hungary
After many uphills and downhills ...
...now we cycle on a pretty flat land.

Park and Mausoleum of hungarian poet Kazinczy
Four star hotel Hunor
Last leg follows the cycle path along former narrow gauge railway

Impressive querry
Lunch in Restaurant
and attraction of the day: Rakoczi-castle in Sarospatak.
Far away we see the characteristic Tokaj-hill
We pass few villages along Bodrog River
...and finally reach Tokaj town itself
Photo at Bacchus Statue
One of many small wine shops
Stork nest in the front of former Synagogue
Tisa river
"Toldi Fogado" - our Hotel, the best in town
"For sale" - yes, a real souvenir :)
At the end you can travel Budapest

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