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Cycling in Ukraine

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Signposted cycle trails
Terlo village -
- here our cycle tour starts
Upper Dniester
Horse car with... license plate!
Cottage in the Carpathians
Country road, free of cars
Town Sambir... our first daily tour finishes...

in the newly renovated Hotel at the market square.
Orthodox church under construction
Art naive ;)
Marshland in Dniester-valey
Drohobych -
Art deco facades
New Hotel
Palace in nearby village
Gray horse at work
Spa park in Truskavets
Hotelkomplex "Schepilska"
Little improvements for cyclists ;)
"Ukraina" bicycle, once commonly used in the whole eastern bloc
"XB3" means: Bicycle factory in Kharkiv
Typical country road in the Ukraine: in the middle comfortable tarmac stripe for cyclists; left and right bumps and gaps, to slow the car traffic ;)
Landscape of Podolya

River in Podolya
Country road in "Yar" (gorge)

Rabbit cages
And everyhere decorated wells
Happy family
Remnatns of Polish signs
Palace in Koropets
Tshervonograd - Castle ruins
Red rocks everywhere


Ustetshko village
Steppe thistle
Renovated old railway station in Zalishtshyky
Streets in Zalischyky... with a new tarmac.
Local Hotel... quite basic but OK for one night.
The restaurant looks good.
Here you can buy fresh...
...and "stinking sour apples". How they can eat it???
Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) - the pedestrian area by night
And famous theatre at daylight.
Old turkish fortress in Khotyn

Another well....
...and orthodox church with golden roof
What a cycle-machine???
"Ukrainian folk-dress" ;))
Nice Hotel in Kamianets-Podilskyi
Cycles on the picture in Foyer
Smotrych-river and its deep Gorge
Old town...
...and the fortress!
Next days we are already in Lviv
Here the famous Boim-chapel from outside...
...and the interior
Lukasiewicz - farmacist, who invented the Petroleum lamp
Finally we climb up... the tower of town hall



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